Ground Coffee

500g bags of freshly ground coffee from speciality surplus whole beans. Perfect for a cafetière, V60, Moka pot or any other filter method. 
    Roasting profile
    Light Roast is a perfect blend of rescued coffee that has been graded and colour tested by our Q Grader to be a light delicate coffee.
    Medium Roast is a blend of rescued coffee that has been assessed, graded and colour scored by our Q Grader to be a medium well balanced coffee.
    Dark Roast is a blend of rescued coffee that has been assessed, graded and colour scored by our Q Grader to be a more intense coffee.

    100% recyclable packaging

    Rescued from the best independents

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    Quality Checked by our Q Grader

    A Fraction of the usual Price

    Every Industry has Surplus, Coffee is No Different.

    With nearly 100 million cups of coffee being consumed in the UK everyday, and surplus varying from 2-8%, the volume of waste is astounding.

    Why waste what tastes great?

    We work with the best independent coffee roasters in the UK, rescue their surplus coffee, repackage it into beautiful 100% recyclable packaging and ship it to you for a fraction of their usual price. Check out some of our partners below.

    Q Grader quality checked

    Our in-house Q Grader (the crème de la crème of coffee connoisseurs) quality checks, taste tests, performs a colour analysis and grades every batch of rescued coffee.

    And Expertly blended

    Once the quality check, colour analysis and taste test is complete, our in-house coffee Q Grader analyses the flavour profiles and blends the rescued coffee based on their colour and coffee characteristics.

    The Coffee's Character

    We then take our Q Graders analysis of the rescued coffee and put it into a handy menu so you can better understand what you're drinking.


    of coffee rescued so far (and counting)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our ground coffee is a general-purpose grind, it is called an Omni-grind. It is more suitable for filter-type coffees, such as using a v60, French press or AeroPress. It is not suitable for espresso machines, if you want to use our coffee beans for your espresso machine we always recommend grinding the beans at home.
    • Delivery is always free when you subscribe. We always use a tracked service, the prices and services are below: Royal Mail 48: £2.99 Royal Mail 24: £3.99 DPD: £6.90
    • We have partnered with a Q Grader (the crème de la crème of coffee connoiseurs) to quality check our rescued coffee, they then colour test the freshly roasted beans and then we bag them up according to whether they are light, medium or dark. The Q Grader then analyses the flavour profiles of each batch, which we then provide to you in a menu that is updated with each new batch.
    • On our packaging there is a best before end date on the bag, this is printed when the bag is filled and sealed and is 12 months after that point. The coffee is generally roasted up to about 14 days before the packaging takes place as it needs time to rest. We follow the guidelines of our coffee roasting partners on when to pack the roasted coffee as they know their product better than anyone.
    • We rescue coffee from a wide array of independent and speciality coffee roasters, all with their own style and pazazz! Therefore the coffee you receive each time may be slightly different, however, we have specialised in the post-roast blending process to ensure that with each bag you are getting a good consistent cup of coffee throughout.
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