Who’s behind all the wonkyness?

Our names are Laurence & Harrison, we’ve been best mates since we met when we were 8 years old. We have voyaged through every stage of life together from junior rugby, through to university, to now starting a business together. We have lived in each other’s pockets and always been considered a double act by our family and friends.
During the first lockdown, we were living with each other in London and toyed with the idea of roasting some coffee as one of those weird lockdown projects we all found ourselves researching. We then came to learn that there was considerable waste in the coffee industry.

The Story so Far

A coffee roaster donated a pallet of dented coffee pods to our fourth floor flat in Greenwich that they couldn’t sell. Our little living room smelt fantastic and was covered in coffee as we sorted through the 30,000 pods to find the best working ones. We put a local Ad on Facebook marketplace and started packing the pods into boxes of one hundred. Enquires flew in and before we knew it we were delivering the pods by hand on our push bike like 1920 midwives. We sold all the dented pods to likeminded people, people who loved great coffee and wanted to make a positive change in the world.

And Wonky Coffee, as it is today, was born.

From very humble beginnings and hand delivering our Wonky Pods, to now, where we work with some of the best and most prestigious coffee brands to help reduce their waste and achieve our mission of reducing all waste in the coffee industry.