We are hiring a Creative Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a special someone to join Odd Coffee Company as the first ever full-time team member to help us with all things creativity, marketing and copywriting.

We’re after someone who’ll dare to break the mould, who has a curious mind, who loves to tell a story and truly understands what makes us humans tick.

What do we do and why you’ll love working with Odd Coffee

We have a big mission is to reduce all waste in the coffee industry. We’ve gone from rescuing a few dented pods and delivering them on bikes around South London, to rescuing coffee from the best coffee roasters and delivering to the far corners of the UK. We’re on a mission to reduce all waste in the coffee industry, and we want to have some real fun along the way.

One day we’ll be travelling up and down the country visiting coffee roasters and rescuing their surplus, the next we’ll be on a photoshoot, and the next we’ll be getting creative and discussing all things Odd Coffee.

All about your role 

As the first team member your role will be incredibly varied and will cover all aspects of creativity and marketing. We’ve set ourselves some ambitious goals as a company, and the person we’re looking for will be ready to push themselves to understand how Odd Coffee Co works beyond marketing to help us achieve our mission of rescuing all waste in the coffee industry.

 Although your role will be varied, you’ll be focused on being creative and bringing those creative ideas into fruition. Here’s some key responsibilities:

  • Getting creative and thinking of original content ideas for social media (paid and organic)
  • Creating the content, editing the videos and publishing to social media
  • Working with brand ambassadors and content creators to bring your creative content ideas to life
  • Travelling to visit coffee roasters and create unique video content from those trips
  • Managing freelancers to perfect the stories and content

You’ll love this role if…

  • You’re a creative thinker, full of Odd ideas and love to sprinkle a bit of magic
  • You see what others see and find what others don’t
  • You know your way around Instagram, TikTok and Facebook
  • You’re good at filming and editing videos (basic and willingness to learn is only needed, advanced is a benefit)
  • You’re confident and willing to be in front and talk into the camera
  • You’re copywriting is fun, witty and personable
  • You love to take a risk and have a desire to continuously learn and improve
  • You want to work for a start-up that puts sustainability and fun at the heart of everything they do
  • You’re able to work in an entrepreneurial environment and open to getting involved with a wide variety of tasks
  • You’re all in for a more sustainable future
  • You love coffee (not essential, but we do drink a lot here!)

This is a role for someone with zero to a few years’ experience, we aren’t looking for the finished article. We’re looking for an all-round great person that can grow into the role and can grow with us at Odd Coffee.

How to apply...no CV or cover letter thank god!

The way to apply for this job isn’t with your CV and writing a cover letter, we would like you to do three things for us please:

  1. Tell us a funny or dramatic story about yourself in 50 to 250 words. It can be true, partly true or completely made up and exaggerated.
  2. Make a 10-30 second video advert for social media of you using a product and talking about why it is great. A few pointers:
    • Think of a good hook and script; it can be funny, factual, witty, upsetting or completely out there.
    • Have a good voiceover or talk into the camera clearly
    • Natural lighting
    • Think about the overall setting
    • Think about using different shots to elevate the content and using transitions
    • There are no right or wrong answers here, but we would rather see riskier more contrarian content than content that follows the mould. Think about the type of video content that might get you bought into a brand.
  3. Name an Odd Pod and write a description. Every batch of Odd Pods we rescue, we rename and write a description for. A tip: the wackier the better. You can view the previous batches here: https://www.oddcoffeeco.com/pages/odd-pods-menu

Please complete the above steps and email them over to us at careers@oddcoffeeco.com - if the video is too large for email, feel free to upload to WeTransfer.


Laurence & Harrison