Christmas 2023

Hey Wonky Ones! 

It's Harrison & Laurence here to give you an update on some potential delays with the Wonky Pods. Firstly, let's start by apologising if you are experiencing delays with your Wonky Coffee order, it means a lot to us to get you your coffee when you expect it so we are really sorry if you're impacted.

Rescuing coffee from various sources around the world, testing it, grading it, writing a menu about the coffee and then hand packing it into either the Lucky Dip, Intense Dip, Flavoured Dip or the Decaf Dip is a big logistical challenge. This is a challenge we are usually on top of, but it has unfortunately become a bit too much of a challenge recently due to staff shortages and delayed deliveries of wonky coffee. 

We've fortunately resolved these issues, but this has caused a bit of a backlog, and unfortunately has had a knock on effect. Nevertheless we are cooking with gas at the moment and working hard to build the boxes and get them out the door to get back on top. 

Additionally with Christmas fast approaching, warehouses close for the break and delivery lead times get longer so we can also expect to see some delays here. The warehouse will be closed during the Christmas period so any orders placed during this time will be dispatched in 2024. 

If you want help with a specific order or matter please WhatsApp us here or email us here. (WhatsApp is usually quicker). 

 Thank you in advance for being patient with us, and once again we are very sorry if you've been impacted by the delays. 

To the Wonky Ones,

Harrison & Laurence